Meta/Notes from a new WordPress User

Meta/Notes from a new WordPress User

I’m 28 years old and for whatever reason, so many websites use text so tiny that I have to squint and press my face to the computer screen to read it. Combine this with a backlit LCD screen and you have the perfect recipe for a headache.Which is why the this website’s text is so large. Although I love this template, there is no way to alter the text size (which is around an 8 by default). So, I basically had to teach myself HTML to alter the font size of each post.

I’m aware readers can use the CTRL+ command or click a button to increase text size, but they often have to do this for every new page they bring up. I’m also aware, as a novice WordPress user, that I can purchase a CSS Upgrade to alter the theme’s text size. To my mind, both options seem inconvenient at best. I have no idea why webmasters insist on using 8-point fonts, but I can only hope that, especially as we all grow older, this is something that goes the way of and Friendster.

I should say that I’m incredibly grateful for WordPress’ feature that automatically saves previous edits and drafts–otherwise, I would have lost the entire “primates and language” entry.

This has nothing to do with WordPress, but I really hate Calibri, probably because it’s Microsoft Word’s default font.  One has to do all sort of gyrations to reset it to Times New Roman.  For awhile, I’d altered this website’s html to change the font to Georgia, which I like–it’s kind of an edgier version of Times New Roman.  But the recoding caused all sorts of problems and suddenly looked like a Cubist painting.  I had to revert back to the theme’s default Calibri, albeit at a larger size.  I’d vowed to never drink Microsoft’s font Kool-Aid, but here I am.  How does it taste?  It tastes gross. 

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