NFL Playoff Predictions

NFL Playoff Predictions

AFC: Colts 31, Jets 10

The best player on the Jets is Master Lock Revis.  The best player on the Colts is Peyton Manning.  Also, I’ve seen the Jets self-destruct too many times to have any faith in them.  They’ll figure out a way to screw this one up.

NFC: Vikings 24, Saints 17

I’m thinking Jeremy Shockey’s knee injury cancels out Percy Harvin’s migraines.  As much as I like Drew Brees, I wasn’t impressed enough with their win over Arizona to pick them over the Vikings.

One thought on “NFL Playoff Predictions

  1. Apparently, the Jets have already scheduled their Super Bowl parade and are currently selling AFC Champions gear. Keep the receipts.

    Apparently, they forgot about the Patriots’ attempt to trademark “19-0” and Anthony Smith’s “guarantee” to beat aforementioned Patriots. I wouldn’t expect them to remember this, but remember the year several Steelers players filmed Super Bowl ads before losing to the Patriots in the AFC championship game?

    Dear New York Jets: beating the Colts’ second-string players does not mean you will beat their starters. Talk all you want, but you’re going down in flames on Sunday.

    BTW, does anyone remember how the Jets self-destructed in that playoff loss against the Steelers? Flames.

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