Andrew W.K.’s Town Hall Meeting

Andrew W.K.’s Town Hall Meeting

From the Santos Party House website: “Due to an overwhelming amount of questions regarding his career, his past, and his future, Santos Party House co-owner, Andrew W.K., has decided to offer himself to the people of New York City, for an evening of totally open inquiry.  This is a chance to ask Andrew anything, and he’ll certainly do his best to answer everything.  Have your questions in mind and come on down! This is a one-night-only event sure to get the PARTY going HARD!”
Questions I’d like to ask Andrew W.K.

1. In the promo picture, are you intentionally trying to look like Jesus?

If so, why?  It is my understanding that the two of you have little in common.
2. Is it true that you’re trying to organize an all-male version of “Lilith Fair”?

3. When Hillary Clinton tried to use the song “Party Hard” for her campaign rallies in 2008, why didn’t you grant her permission?

4. In 2005, you appeared as a motivational speaker at Carnegie Mellon University.  Was this an attempt to broaden the definition of “party” to include robot soccer and buggy racing?  If so, do you feel you succeeded?

5. In the song “We Want Fun” from the Jackass soundtrack, you sing the immortal line, “We want fun/either take it or leave it.”  Does this mean that after receiving the fun, the recipients may elect to accept or reject it?  Or does this meant that you want fun, period, and the implied subject can either acquiesce to or refuse this demand?

6. Must all your press releases include the words “party” and “hard” in all caps?


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