AWP 2011

AWP 2011

This post by fellow writer Aubrey Hirsch pretty much sums up my experience at AWP.  I didn’t take many pictures.

Some shout-outs: During the spring of 2010, vintage (and vintage-inspired) clothing retailer Modcloth started a literary journal, The Written Wardrobe. Turi Fesler, a creative writing MFA candidate, is the Fiction Editor.  But the literary connections don’t end there–they’re known for their stylish copywriting and had a booth at AWP in Denver.

This year, they sponsored a literary deathmatch and hosted a panel.  And finally, they held a reading for The Written Wardrobe. Since one of my stories was selected to appear in their inaugural edition, they invited me to read.  It was a great atmosphere, full of family and friends and well-dressed attractive people. Some pictures can be found here, even though I’m not in them. I’m told there will be more pictures and even a podcast, so stay tuned.

I think it’s wonderful–and even necessary–for contemporary literature to reach more than just a small group of insiders, so I’m a huge fan of this new venture.  In a lot of ways, the new currency for writers is publicity and aesthetics, and Modcloth has been generous with both.   Aside from investing hours contacting venues and planning the reading, they designed and printed flyers and promoted it heavily online and at the conference.  Also, did I mention there were free drinks?  As a writer, I want my work to be read, but I also want it to have a good home, so I was happy when I saw their sleek and professional site.  Also, check out the promotional video for TWW.

I know thanking people is uncool in this day and age.  And also, that as a writer, I’m supposed to pretend that money doesn’t exist.  But on a very basic level, Modcloth spent a lot to support writers, and they didn’t have to.  A lot of writers are anxious about the future of our enterprise, and it’s encouraging when people outside of the field step up to show us love.

Another shout-out: my friends started a literary journal, Flywheel.  Speaking of aesthetics, Devan Goldstein designed the site and is also the the flash fiction editor.  Especially for those of you who like weirdly specific and exhaustive submission guidelines, check them out and submit!

Flickr photos by Erin McCann

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7 thoughts on “AWP 2011

  1. Speaking of outreach, the literary journal “One Story” recently handed out 3,000 free copies of their journal “to commuters at Brooklyn subway stations as part of [their] “One Story, One Borough” campaign.

    One of my favorites stories, Paul Yoon’s “Once the Shore,” first appeared in “One Story.”

  2. Thanks for mentioning us, and for your on-the-money description of our guidelines.

    As you probably know, our editor-in-chief is the Colonel Kurtz of fledgling lit mags. Just the other day, he send me a hundred blank emails with the subject line, “Horror has a face…”

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