News Roundup: Adam Reger, PSU, CAPA

News Roundup: Adam Reger, PSU, CAPA

Congratulations to Adam Reger, who has a new story “Elegy for Lost Ambitions” up at Twelve Stories.  Adam has an interview and a story forthcoming in The Fourth River as well.

According to Seth Abramamson’s blog, Penn State is closing its renowned MFA program.  PSU’s program offered full tuition, stipend, and health insurance to all of its students, which is rare.  I guess the overall message here is that enrollment is starting to trumps prestige in certain colleges, as PSU’s English program is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s best.  From Abramson’s article:

College of the Liberal Arts Dean Susan Welch explained the decision to make deep cuts to the university’s English Department, saying that the department has a smaller enrollment of undergraduate students than other departments, according to The Daily Collegian. The university’s larger Psychology Department, for instance, will suffer few budget cuts, according to Welch.

 I can’t help but sense this is also somehow related to the steep funding cuts Gov. Corbett has proposed


Congratulations to Pittsburgh CAPA, which is a finalist in the Race to the Top Commencement Challenge.  Mara Cregan, the Literary Arts Coordinator at Pittsburgh CAPA, also teaches at Chatham.

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