Snow. Pittsburgh.

Snow. Pittsburgh.

It snowed on Friday and the roads were so bad it took me an hour to drive 2 miles.  My car was sliding all over the place.  Everyone was driving about 10 miles per hour.  Accidents everywhere.  Anyway, I finally made it to my brick road and my tires started slipping.  I was flooring the pedal and wasn’t moving.  A young fellow–probably in college or high school–walked up and asked if I needed help.  So, for fifteen minutes, I stomped on the gas and steered carefully while he pushed the car up the hill.  Then, after I got a little traction, he asked if I was okay; I thanked him and he continued on his way down the street.

About a minute later, I got stuck again and he returned.  While giant pickup trucks impatiently passing us, he spent another ten minutes pushing the car, breathing in exhaust and straining against road slush while I steered.  I felt bad, but I couldn’t stop the car to switch places.  Anyway, I made it to the top of the hill and found a safe parking spot.  I thanked him and he nodded and walked away.

After I parked, I went inside, put on boots, and walked down the road to try and find him.  He was long gone, so I just wanted to say it here: thank you, and thank you to everyone who’s ever gone out of their way to be kind.  It makes a world of difference.

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