Kirkus Review is live!

Kirkus Review is live!

The first official review for my novel is in.

Kirkus Reviews calls Eighty Days of Sunlight a “moving and darkly comic debut novel.”

“Equal parts hilarity and heartbreak in an accomplished debut.”


You can read the whole review here.  Honestly, there was a long, 5-year period where I was pretty sure this novel would never be published.  It would go to the great Unread Novel Graveyard, the three people on my thesis committee the only people who would ever read it.  If Mink Choi hadn’t chosen it way back in the day, or continued to champion it for years, it never would have made it this far.  Thanks to everyone who’s supported this project through its six years of evolution, and a special thank you to the reviewer at Kirkus for this life-changing moment.  I’m feeling very blessed and lucky today.