Writers LIVE on Wednesday!

Writers LIVE on Wednesday!

I’m sure that anyone who’s written a book can commiserate, but there’s a very fine line between actively promoting one’s work and being one of those pushy salespeople that everyone avoids.  I’m trying hard to find a balance, and I’ll do my best to post stuff here that people actually want to read.

At any rate, if you’re in Pittsburgh at 6PM on Wednesday June 17, I’ll be giving a  Writers LIVE talk at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  I’ll talk about my writing process, give some writing advice (that you probably can’t find online), and talk about my jobs in film and television.  I’ll also read some of the funnier “Pittsburgh” sections of the book and talk a little about working in a book factory.  Hope you can make it!

(P.S. If you register for the event, it says something about a donation, but then it removes the donation after you check out.  I tried to donate $10, but it wouldn’t let me!)

From Sunday’s Post-Gazette: